Tamale Territories Fictions

Fiction on Plastic: Plastic Eden
Ana-Maria Chiriac, Alexandra Terekhova with Abdul-Haqq Mahama and Stephen Wilson Kpordze

Nowadays, at Tamale Waterworks, plastic is an intrinsic part of reality. It’s already a part of the Earth’s geology, nature, and food chain. Plastic will remain behind for four to ten hundred thousands years after its use. Why can’t it be a serviceable and beautiful part of the community in the meantime? We’re looking for confluences between the sphere of plastic(s), the anthroposphere, and the natural environment, thinking about a supporting, self-developing system that is beneficial to multi-species ‘inhabitants.’ Our idea is to show how this can be widely used: from collecting moisture and covering the drainage channels to futuristic, renewable energy sources. Or by forming a perfect and beautiful garden, a special, sacred place called Eden, that is separated from the rest of the world.