Guabuliga – Well by the Thorn Tree

Common market ground(s)
Antonella Amesberger

Inspired by the functional use of grounds in the northern region of Ghana, a floorscape proposal was created for Guabuliga’s market area. Vernacular modelling of floor surfaces in the region generates workspaces for such diverse purposes as drying, sorting, and presenting food and goods. This was researched alongside market display techniques at the markets of neighbouring villages. As a starting point, a solid volume made out of cement and sand served as the initial prototype. To differentiate areas according to a variety of uses, the proposed platform is divided into surfaces of different dimensions, arranged at different heights. These levels and sizes correspond to specific functional scenarios of market practices as found in the region. Located in the shade of surrounding trees, groups of platforms of this kind would generate a new landscape of the market structure in Guabuliga.

Outside of market hours, platforms could be turned into open space furniture, creating a space of interaction for inhabitants of the village. Proportions were tested by starting with mock-ups made out of wooden sticks and rope. A 1:1 model made out of wooden sticks and canvas was set up on Guabuliga´s market location in order to introduce the prototype to the local chief and market women on the village market day.