Tamale Waterworks on-site exhibition

An onsite work-in-progress exhibition of projects developed over the past weeks took place in Tamale’s decommissioned, colonial-era waterworks building. The abandoned building that housed the exhibition plays an important role in the daily life of the city’s unofficial water distributors and was part of the lab’s area of study. The scales of water usage and routines associated with it in the city and the waterworks area was portrayed in Daniil Zhiltsov’s work Multiscalar Fluidities.

Plantain plants were planted in an existing ditch emphasizing its role as a border between farm fields in the neighboring inner-city farmlands. Land ownership and the role of plant species in these claim networks was studied by Abdul-Haqq Mahama and Carmen Egger in their project My Plantain is Our Property.

For the exhibition, acid green boards were hung in between the weathered walls of the old power station. The artificial color was selected as it does not exist in nature but might be slowly appear in the new, emerging natures that were studied by Agata Chomicz in her project Second to Third Natures.

Within the cloud of hanging panels, all studied topics of territories, peripheries, scales, ecologies and crises blended together creating visible connections.

Magdalena Gorecka, Abdul-Rauf Issahaque