Tamale Territories

TAMALE TERRITORIES and YOU ARE THE GARDENER were on show and part of the Angewandte Festival in Vienna, Austria.

The exhibition TAMALE TERRITORIES featured [A]FA’s long‐term project focusing on two urban sites, based on four foci: Research, Fictions, Design, and Matter. Highlighted was the Tamale Old Airfield Plane Park project, exploring how design can intersect with the natural world, encourage more thoughtful approaches to beyond‐human‐human relationships, and promote more responsible design and resource methods. The exhibition as territory allowed visitors to gain insight into the complex, evolving ecosystems of Tamale, Ghana.

[A]FA DIPLOMA work You are the Gardener. Return to Paradise by Ivan Jakaric, which explores the symbiotic relationships between interspecies bodies of non-humans and humans and their multi-species landscapes was simultaneously exhibited. The work by treating architecture not only as a mere tool but also as an instrument for fiction and play, the project opens up the stage for gameplay. Therefore the lab of smells, materials, and artefacts was on show together with an immersive virtual world and interactive video game.

Pearl Abigaya, Margit Applegate, Elizabeth Apusayene, Marcella Brunner, Ana Maria Chiriac, Carmen Egger, Abdul-Haqq Mahama, Alexandra Terekhova, Adham Sinan, Daniil Zhiltsov, Gaowei Zhou, Majeda Umar

Ivan Jakaric – The Zona; I am the Gardener (2022-20233)

Baerbel Mueller, Magdalena Gorecka, Abdul-Rauf Issahaque, Juergen Strohmayer (2020/21)

Magdalena Gorecka, with Marcella Brunner / Ivan Jakaric