Immuna Nanotourism Review at 3+3 Studio, Accra
Discussing our Nanotourism concepts with review guests PaJohn Dadson and Mae-ling Lokko

"nanotourism is a new, constructed term describing a creative critique to the current environmental, social and economic downsides of conventional tourism, as a participatory, locally oriented, bottom-up alternative. Defining nanotourism runs twofold: by finding and learning from existing examples and by identifying and creating new site-specific experiences. It operates as a social tool to stimulate mutual interaction between provider and user by co-creation or exchange of knowledge. It is not about scale, but is a projected ability to construct responsible experiences from the bottom-up, using local resources. Nanotourism is beyond tourism, it is more an attitude to improve specific everyday environments and to open up new local economies." Aljoša Dekleva and Tina Gregorič